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Ben Affleck’s Story About Gambling, So Inspiring

For those of you fans of superhero films, of course you are very familiar with the superhero bat man, Batman. One of the actors who played Batman, namely Ben Affleck, turned out to have a penchant for playing online gambling, especially poker. And what’s more interesting, besides a hobby, he also uses this hobby to donate. Intrigued by the full story? Come on, take a look at Ben Affleck’s story about gambling below.

Affleck’s inspirational gambling story began when he became interested in online poker games. At first, he was just playing the fun game. After playing several times, he realized that he really liked this one gambling game. When free, he also prefers to spend his time playing this gambling game.

Ben Affleck’s Story About Gambling Who Wins His First Online Poker Game

Ben Affleck's Story About Gambling

In an interview, Affleck once shared his exciting experience about his passion for online poker. He told me that he had won an online poker game and brought in a prize money of 400,000 US dollars. With a prize money of this size, of course he was very happy.

Affleck also admits that he doesn’t just like playing online poker. There are other online gambling games that he often plays. Baccarat is the second choice of online gambling game that he always plays. There is no detailed story about the achievements he has made in connection with the baccarat game he has played.

Now, true story of gambling enthusiasts like Affleck that is so inspiring, there is one interesting fact that you must know. Ben Affleck and fellow actor, Matt Damon, had ‘dueled’ and showed off playing online poker. This duel was deliberately held in order to raise funds for the handling of the recent Covid19 pandemic.

Fundraising Event for the Feeding America Organization

Ben Afflecks Story About Gambling

In this event, it turned out that not only Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were present. There are many other celebrities who participated in this donation-raising event. Ben Affleck, at this event, chose to play online poker which was none other than his favorite game. This exciting moment was promoted via Suzanne Todd’s Instagram Story.

Ben Affleck’s Story About Gambling shows Ben’s enthusiasm for others who are less fortunate in meeting their food needs. Affleck and Damon then took the initiative to organize an online poker game tournament. From this tournament, all proceeds collected will be donated to the largest food supply organization in America.

The online poker tournament which was held in mid-April was also enlivened by a number of celebrities. Each participant of this tournament is required to donate a fund of 10,000 US dollars or the equivalent of 157 million rupiah.

Celebrity Fundraising Event Enlivened by a Number of Celebrities

The celebrities who took part in this tournament include Jason Bateman, Tom Brady, Adam Levine, Tobey Maguire, and many other celebrities. Apart from celebrities, other participants came from professional poker players who were none other than rivals of the celebrities above.

These public figures admit that they are very happy to join Ben Affleck in this poker tournament. They are happy because they have participated in helping others. They are also looking forward to starting online poker in this exciting tournament.

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From this donation event, the money from the donation reached 1.75 million US dollars, equivalent to 27.5 billion rupiah. Curious who is the winner? Of course Ben Affleck is not the winner. The winner is a professional poker player, Ebony Kenney as the first winner and actor Kevin Pollak as the runner-up.

There are other surprises from this Ben Affleck’s Story About Gambling. Tobey Maguire’s name entered the top list in this tournament. Isn’t that surprising?

Donation Proceeds for Americans Affected by Covid19

Ben Afflecks Story About Gambling
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Ben Affleck said that all of the proceeds will be donated to the Feeding Organization of America. Of course, the results of this donation will later be distributed to those in need.

Affleck also said that this online poker tournament can be watched live via Twitch. And it turns out that the enthusiasm of the American public is enormous. Thousands and even millions of viewers have witnessed the greatness of Ben Affleck and his friends.

This Feeding America organization has distributed 1.7 trillion rupiah and 94 tons of food to people who have been affected by Covid19 in Uncle Sam’s country. The amount of money that came in was much bigger because many American celebrities also donated to organizations working in the humanitarian sector.

Ben Affleck is a talented actor. His name is very well known in the Hollywood film industry. This handsome actor is currently in a relationship with Ana De Arms.

Ben Affleck’s Story About Gambling is certainly very positive. Ben and his friends took advantage of their hobbies and popularity to help others affected by Covid19. Thanks to their kindness, there are many people who have been helped and are able to continue their lives in the midst of this pandemic.

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