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The True Story of Some Gambling Enthusiasts That Might Shock You

Not many people think that behind the bad image of gambling in our country, it turns out that the world of gambling presents funny, unique and true story of gambling enthusiasts, ranging from silly stories of gambling enthusiasts to sad stories of gambling players.

The existence of gambling in Indonesia itself is actually quite a lot, it’s just that in practice, only a few cases are found. This is due to everything related to illegal gambling activities.

It is common knowledge that gambling in Indonesia, both offline gambling and online gambling, is still illegal. Anyone who plays or distributes matters relating to gambling activities will be subject to law.

Even so, in practice there are still many of our people who like to gamble. This hobby of breaking the law is motivated by several reasons, depending on who plays it. Those who are from the poor make gambling as a source of instant income.

It is different from them, the players from the economically capable community. They like to play gambling because gambling has become part of their entertainment and lifestyle.

Now, seeing this phenomenon, it’s no wonder that there are so many gambling cases that we often hear and see in electronic media, mass media, or online news portals. There are even some that are ridiculous, aka make us shake our heads when we find out.

Here we present you about true story of gambling enthusiasts which is sometimes silly, crazy, or make you want to cry. So, let’s chek them out

Various True Stories of Gambling Enthusiasts

Are you curious about what stories make us laugh, sad, or shocked when we find out? Let’s take a look at some of the following true story of gambling enthusiasts. Remember, it’s forbidden to laugh first before you’ve finished reading.

Strange, Don Johnson Hates Gambling but Become Rich from Gambling

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You could say this story is the paradox of life. How can? We all must be shaking our heads after knowing this story. Don Johnson is known as someone who really hates gambling in casinos. He once said that he really disliked gambling because it plunged many people into a vortex of poverty, debt and other bad effects. But surprisingly, this resentment brought him to the winning podium in Atlantic City.

Here’s the beginning of the story. Don Johnson was curious about the Blackjack gambling game techniques available at casinos in Atlantic City. To answer his curiosity, Johnson then made observations and analyzes, especially about the techniques used by dealers or gambling game hosts.

In the end, Johnson found a mathematical trick that was very effective in defeating the dealer. When he experimented with the magic formula, to his surprise, he managed to win the game.

Don Johnson himself is known as a famous gambling god thanks to his expertise. He once “broke into” Atlantic City in just one game. In just one night, he earned 15 million US dollars or the equivalent of 181 billion rupiah.

Johnson is really lucky because the man who once dreamed of being a jockey at horse races was unexpectedly able to get hundreds of billions of rupiah from a game he hated. Have you ever had experiences or stories about gambling, or have heard silly stories of other gambling players? Share your story in the comments column.

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Joseph Jagger, An Obsessive Mechanic Who Wants to Conquer the Dealer at the Casino

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Jagger was a mechanic who was adept at taking apart any machine tool. One day he watched a gambling game at a casino and found that the dealer at the casino was always winning. His curiosity arose and provoked him to look for loopholes to beat the dealer.

He then asked his friend to get the recordings of gambling games at the casino. He was also willing to spend hundreds of hours to find a “gap” to beat the dealer. Not only that, Jagger also studied the habits of a dealer from every gambling game he watched.

His efforts were not in vain. Jagger also found a “gap” to beat the dealer and he immediately challenged the dealer at a casino not far from his house. Only once played, Jagger immediately won the gamble. In one night, Jagger managed to bring home $ 500,000 in cash. His dream to beat the casino dealer was achieved. and he became one of those people who became a gambling enthusiast.

How, have you also ever had the same ideals as Joseph Jagger? Actually there is a lesson that we get from this man as one of the true story of gambling enthusiasts. Whatever we aspire to, it should be accompanied by effort or hard work.

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The Superhero ‘Batman’, a Poker Fan?

true story of gambling enthusiasts

Who doesn’t know the actor who played the Batman character. That’s right, Ben Affleck actually has a hobby of playing baccarat and poker. His prowess is not only in role playing, he also turns out to be very good at playing poker.

Ben once shared his happy experience when he won an online poker game and brought home US $ 400,000. Indeed, not many people know that Ben Affleck really likes poker and baccarat gambling games.

This one story may not be right if it is included in the list of true story of gambling enthusiasts Perhaps more precisely this story inspires you that no talented person like Ben has other talents, including the talent and gambling enthusiast.

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Oscar Winner Who is Good at Playing Poker

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Another movie player who turns out to be good at playing poker. Jennifer Tilly is her name. He is one of the Oscar winners. This beautiful actress is surprisingly talented at playing poker cards.

Amazingly, Tilly has participated in several world-class poker tournaments and became a champion. Tilly says that her love for poker stems from her hobby of playing poker. For him, poker is a fun game. In fact, he admits that poker is much more fun when compared to acting.

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Katrina Bookman Who Failed to become a billionaire

This story can be said to be tragic but also quite ridiculous because there was a woman named Katrina Bookman who managed to win slot gambling at one of the casino gambling agents in New York. He was pleased with the nominal money displayed on the screen, which was 558 billion rupiah. However, his happiness suddenly disappeared when the casino manager considered Katrina’s victory invalid.

It turns out that the slot machine played by Katrina is an old slot machine. The slot machine often gets damaged. Katrina still doesn’t accept it and continues to claim that she has won.

The casino manager then explained that the slot machines in the casino if in the right conditions could only give a maximum prize of 86.4 million rupiah. To treat Katrina’s disappointment, she was invited to have dinner by the casino manager with the main menu of steak.

The casino manager has great empathy for Katrina because whoever wins slot gambling from the casino agent, he has paid the casino through playing the available slot games. He didn’t want Katrina to get nothing. Wow, this casino owner is good too.

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Repent of a Gambling Lovers at Saint Agnes Cathedral

Gamblers repent are not only found in soap operas in Indonesia. Although, actually not included in the true story of gambling enthusiasts, this one story is very inspiring. This story was experienced by a man who lives in New York.

This man confessed that God was kind to him. When he was falling as a result of his actions, God stretched His hand to him, he even became a gambling enthusiast. This man used to be very fond of gambling. When he wins, the money he gets from gambling is used for fun such as playing with women, drinking alcohol, having fun, and so on.

One day he was completely broke because he lost at gambling. He did not have a penny. He has also been kicked out by his family. When he was experiencing a nadir point in his life, he saw a church building in front of him. The church is Saint Agnes Cathedral Church.

I don’t know what this man was thinking, then he entered the church and began to pray. Before God, he prayed earnestly. He felt peace and tranquility that he had never felt before.

Due to a spiritual experience that soothed his heart, he then decided to stop the bad deeds that had been detrimental to him. He chose to repent and go to God’s way. This man promised to obey God’s commands.

A month later, this New York native’s life changed. He is busy working as a restaurant employee. His physical appearance has changed to be fresher, healthier, and full of smiles. He didn’t drink liquor anymore, he said. He also really has quit his penchant for gambling at sbobet agents.

A lottery Lover Who Scrapes Frog Skins

true story of gambling enthusiasts

Please don’t imitate this one gambling enthusiast story. This story is a true story experienced by a resident of a village in West Java Province. Just mention his name Asep (pseudonym).

Asep was a candidate for the village head in his village. He lost the election for the head of the village and is now bankrupt because his assets have been used up as a result of using it as the capital for nominating the village head. Asep’s life got messier after he was divorced by his wife.

Asep is confused about how he gets the money to support him. He then got seduction from his friend to get money by playing the lottery. He was also interested. As initial capital, Asep’s friend lent him money.

So that Asep’s lottery always penetrates, friend Asep lures Asep with mystical help, aka with the help of a demon. Since Asep couldn’t wait to win, he quickly accepted the offer.

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The ritual began. Asep was asked to remove the gravestone in one of the new graves in the burial area in his village. This ritual he performed on the orders of a shaman. After the removal of the gravestone, there was a lot of news circulating that the spirit of the corpse whose head was removed was haunting. Asep doesn’t care and still hopes that the ritual he has done will soon come to fruition.

The shaman also guaranteed that if Asep performed the ritual of removing the gravestone, he would become the head of the village in the next headman election. Unfortunately, promises are just promises. Asep has never won the lottery. So the village head was only a dream. Asep is now experiencing mental disorders due to the stress of life he is experiencing.

A Gambling Enthusiast Who Often Tortures His Wife

This true story of gambling enthusiasts is also very tragic. Tommy is a man who is married and has a hobby of gambling. He feels that his life is always happy because what he likes, gambling, he can do freely. He does not care about his wife and household life as well as the economic conditions of his household. All he thought about was fun.

Tommy never had any money. his wife often owes money to neighbors just to buy rice and vegetables. When his wife reprimanded him, Tommy was angry and did not hesitate to beat the woman he had married. Incidents like this didn’t just happen once, but many times.

Tommy once had a better life. He sells chicken noodles and the merchandise is selling well. Even the net income he receives in a month can reach 8 million rupiah. Unfortunately, this improved condition was not able to improve the household relationship. He often bickered with his wife. And Tommy once threatened to return to his old dark life.

It turned out that Tommy didn’t mess with what he said. He also fell back into the world of gambling. Since he did not have the capital to play gambling, he acted as a dealer. During his time as a bookie, the gaming table was always busy. He then added 2-3 additional gambling tables. He also often wins against the players.

One time when Tommy was at home, he saw his wife’s Bible. He then read it. While reading the Bible, his heart trembled and suddenly he cried. He felt how beautiful the contents of the Bible he was reading. He then prayed that God would remove the emptiness in his heart.

This story has a happy ending. Tommy no longer plays gambling and focuses on the business he is currently doing.

The Story of a Smart Student Who Was Destroyed Because of Online Gambling

There is also a true story of gambling enthusiasts that must not be imitated. Call it Dani. Dani is one of the PTN students in Jember. From birth until he became a student, all his needs were always met properly because he was born from a very wealthy family. Until one day he got the news that his father was bankrupt and had to be in debt here and there.

Dani’s life on overseas lands has changed 360 degrees. He must be thrifty. Because he is not used to being thrifty, Dani’s money is running low. It is also impossible for him to ask his parents for additional money.

Dani was then introduced to the world of online gambling by his friend. Initially, Dani made a bet using a deposit, then when he became proficient, he started betting with real money. Not the profit he got, but he was lucky to play on a soccer gambling site.

Dani was forced to sell his motorbike and use his tuition fees to pay off debts. He also began to be shunned by his friends on campus. Reportedly, Dani is currently taking time off because he doesn’t have enough money to continue his studies.

How about guys, from the many stories that you have read, which one has inspired you the most or at least gave you life lessons? Playing gambling is indeed fun and exciting, but it should also be remembered that gambling without the right skills and tricks will certainly have a bad impact on our future lives.

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