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The Sad Story of Slot Gambling Player Who Failed to Become Billionaires

As a slot gambling enthusiast, who want to be rich from gambling, first chek this sad story of slot gambling player. Of course it becomes a very natural thing when someone plays gambling, he must really hope to be the winner. Besides getting a sense of satisfaction, winning in a gambling game will also result in financial benefits, aka money. Now, with regard to gambling, there is a sad story of slot gambling players that makes us grimace when reading it. Curious?

The Sad Story of Slot Gambling Player Katrina Bookman

The Sad Story of Slot Gambling Player Who Failed to Become Billionaires

Katrina Bookman is a slot gambling enthusiast from New York. One day he was playing his favorite gambling game, slot machines, at the Resort World Casino, New York. It really surprised him because the screen on the slot machine stated that he had won a prize worth 43 million US dollars, or 558 billion rupiah. Of course Katrina was delighted.

Katrina can’t wait to claim this big prize directly to the casino manager. He also did not forget to take a picture of the screen to show off to his family and close friends. This happy news suddenly turned into sad news when Katrina conveyed her victory claim to the casino manager.

Chronology of the Sad Story of Gambling Players

The sad story of slot gambling player began when the casino manager refused to withdraw hundreds of billions of prizes. The casino manager said that Katrina’s winnings were invalid. Why is it not legal? Because the slot machines used by Katrina are old and old slot machines.

To treat the feeling of disappointment, the casino manager then replaced it with a portion of steak. Even though Katrina refused, the casino manager still said that the slot machine in the casino was malfunctioning. This claim is also accompanied by proof of verification from the New York State Gaming Commission.

Of course the incident was deemed unfair to Katrina. Alan Ripka as Katrina’s attorney continues to fight for Katrina’s rights as the winner. Ripka questioned the operating system and repair of slot machines in the casino.

Ripka also questioned that if from the start casino visitors were given notifications about slot machine malfunctions, the sad story of slot gambling player Katrina would never happen. As the plaintiff, Katrina naturally received compensation.

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Responding to this injustice, Katrina through her attorney brought this case to the realm of law. The case containing the sad story of slot gambling player Katrina was handled by the Queens Country Supreme Court, which is located only 3 miles from the Resort World Casino.

He also reported the casino for being rude to him when he claimed the jackpot. In his lawsuit, he said that one of the casino employees pushed him until he fell to the floor. The employee also told Katrina to come back tomorrow to find out a decision on whether her claim was accepted or not.

The next day, Katrina returned to the Resort World Casino. The casino then explained that the slot machine Katrina was playing the other day was malfunctioning. In exchange for her loss, Katrina has the right to get a steak plus a balance of 2.25 US dollars, which was Katrina’s remaining balance left in the slot machine.

Katrina Feud – Resort World Casino

In this the sad story of slot gambling player, there is also a recount of the constant feud between Katrina and the casino. Katrina had experienced depression after she was reported back by the casino. However, the casino was also reluctant to appear at the trial, as quoted in the local New York mass media. Attorneys for the casino were also reluctant to comment when this case was being highlighted on TV programs.

Actually, the sad story of this slot gambling player happened several years ago, to be precise August 206. At that time, Katrina was playing and she was surprised because the slot machine she was playing rang and flickered. It seems that the sound and flickering lights of this machine is a notification that Katrina has won a jackpot of approximately $ 42 million, which is clearly displayed on the screen.

The Sad Story of Pauline Mckee’s Grandmother

Actually, the sad story of slot gambling player is not only experienced by Katrina Bookman. Previously, an 87-year-old grandmother named Pauline Mckee also experienced the same case.

The difference is, Pauline’s grandmother is luckier because she received a compensation of 1.85 million US dollars after the Hello Kitty slot machine she played gave her a bonus of 41.7 million US dollars. In fact, initially the casino refused to compensate Pauline’s grandmother.

The sad story of both Pauline and Katrina’s grandmother is quite sad. Hopefully similar cases don’t happen again. Of course there will be many parties who are disadvantaged if these cases occur again.


What happened to Pauline’s grandmother is a piece of true story of gambling enthusiasts. There are many other sad story of slot gambling player with various other storylines. Especially at this time, there are so many online slot gambling sites that offer a variety of challenging prizes. So that it catches your attention.

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