Monster Hunter World Review

Monster Hunter World Review: Best Weapon for Solo

Monster Hunter World Review – Since launched in 2004, Monster Hunter, one of the cheap video game online recommendations from Gdgames,  has amazed gamers around the world. The game’s storyline is simple. The gameplay is addictive. After gaining big success in Japan, Monster Hunter needs to work harder to achieve the global market.

And the game developer has built the first partnership with PlayStation as the original game launcher. A lot of Monster Hunter World resumed that the game had gotten much improvement, particularly the visuals. Then, what are the pros and cons of Monster Hunter World? Let’s check the Monster Hunter World review.

Monster Hunter World


PlatformPlayStation 4; Xbox One; Microsoft Windows
ReleasedDecember 22, 2017
GenreAction role-playing
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Monster Hunter World Review: The Pros

If we compare it to the previous Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World is much better in some aspects. And we are going to break down each aspect in the following detailed information. 

The Visual 

Based on the latest Monster Hunter World review, there is a significant visual quality improvement in the last few series. The game is no longer having to be limited by the handled performance. It offers many worlds with details of quality. This game ends up stunning! 

The visual offered to the gamers consists of several parts; each part has its own theme, starting from the tropical woods with heavy rain, to the theme of volcano with a super threatening fire. Each of the world has its own unique ecosystem. And of course, those worlds present us the most beautiful natural views that spoil our eyes. 

More interestingly, unlike the previous series, Monster Hunter World performs an amazing spot-setting shifting. As a gamer, you will be more comfortable with this. No more buffering, so you can move from one spot to another in just seconds. Monster Hunter World review also writes that this beneficial operation of course is evidence that the creator, as well as the developer of the game, consider a lot of performance quality, especially in the visual aspect. 

More Features of Visualization

Still based on Monster Hunter World review, the developer tries to apply several features of visualization. Here, you’ll find some amazing visual features such as the night-day shifting, weather changing, etc. Among these features, one and only feature that significantly can affect the gameplay is Kirin, an Elder Dragon formed in Unicorn. 

Kirin, in the game, has the ability in changing the weather. He can shift the sunny day into the cloudy and even the stormy day. At least, with this situation, you can detect that Kirin is being here. Of course, this feels so fun, especially for you who really like something driving your adrenalin. 

More Vivid Gameplay

One of the best indicators of high-quality gameplay, according to Monster Hunter World review, is how you get easier information and operation related to the gameplay you’re playing. For example, in this game, there is a visual clue you can catch to help you in getting the condition of monsters. The dying monsters, for instance, are depicted as the weaker ones.

You can use such clues as the consideration of how you move, when you should stop, when you start an attack, etec. In addition, you can also see how big the significant damage you’ve made, creating a more vivid ecosystem in the gameplay. 

The clue produced by such a situation can automatically influence your chosen strategy in playing the game: do you want to be involved in the game or just watch while enjoying the great fight between a monster and another monster; who will end as the winner. 

Audio Quality

Another improvement of the game, based on the latest Monster Hunter World review, is the quality of audio.  Apart from the system of acting voice that deserves as the higher one from the standard, audio of the game plays an important role in the gameplay. 

Each character of the monster and each of the attacks always come with different audio effects, offering you a hand to give a clearer picture of what is going on in the battlefield (even if you do not see things clearly). 

In just instant, you can learn to identify and to associate every single attack and scream or the sound of a sword or arrow striking the monster’s weak point in a precise way. The audio in the game will assist you in anticipating all events happening in just seconds. From this, you can take the best strategy to convince yourself that you are in the best performance.

As written in Monster Hunter World review, the music played in the battle is very memorable, countles annoying, and of course it’s ready to create an atmosphere of heroism. You’ll know it when playing the game. 

Amazing Design for Whole Aspects, Including The Weapon Arts

We certainly agree that there is one aspect in the game that easily makes us so addicted to playing the game. There is no better than the design, the whole design. A lot of interesting things in the game we need to break down, starting from the weapon arts and the monster designs. With the system of equipment (as the basis of gameplay), you’ll get more various designs of weapons. 

Talking more about the design of weapons, each item has its own characteristics, offering you the strategic choice of what kind of weapons you need to select for battle. 

Another design, the monster’s design, for example, is fantastic. A dragon that’s as big as a mountain, a dragon that can control a storm, a big dangerous bird that looks like an unseen stealth fighter that always throws thousands of bombs at your critical moment are just a few of monsters’ fantastic designs you’ll find through Monster Hunter World review. Don’t forget that there is one character of a small dragon owning a stone. He tries to beat you. The uniqueness, the nature, and the way the monsters attack make each of these monsters special. 


According to the Monster Hunter World review, most gamers say that the overall presentation is adorable. The game is able to present a special sensation of adventure in the world that’s beautiful, brutal, massive, and mysterious. Capcom has designed a world that’s full of killing goals. 

Offline and Online Mode

It’s good news for you that Monster Hunter World could be played offline. As if the developer knows better that there are particular gamers who like enjoying the game in offline mode. There are many causes why they need to play the game offline. One of the most reasonable causes is the limited internet connection. And the most interesting thing about this case is that the offline Monster Hunter World is as fun as the online one. Really relevant issue related to its good image as one of the options of cheap video game online in Australia

Monster Hunter World Review: The Cons

As gamers, you may send your opinion that no one game is perfect. You’ll find some cons of the game. And the following are the details of Monster Hunter World’s cons.

Element of Unity In The Game

You who ever played this game probably got confused about what Unity is and what the role of Unity is.  So far, the presence of an element we call Unity doesn’t have a significant role. It’s just a number of partnerships within the squad exhibited to the public.

Confusing Guiding System via GPS

On Monster Hunter World review, you can see that there is a complaint the gamers send. It’s about the confusing guiding system via GPS in the game. This guiding system is called Fireflies. The guiding system sometimes ends up so confusing, particularly when the monsters move fast. 

Complicated User-Interfaces

There are also some particular user interfaces that seemingly need simplification. For example, Investigations in the game, a specific mission system that’s sometimes filled with unuseful missions. Such missions cannot be filtered automatically. Of course, these missions are so annoying, especially for you, the gamers whose high HR. 

The other elements we categorize into the game’s cons are the lack of icons on maps when the gamers are in near position, and the element of Bazelguese that’s quite far from perfection. 


With the attractions offered by the game, both the beginners and the experienced gamers, Monster Hunter World is so recommended. The game, right now, is a part of hype and trend. Through a brief of Monster Hunter World review, you can see how Capcom is the most experienced developer that has amazingly created this franchise game. 

Supported with cool features, the gamers have various ways to achieve their winning points in the game. In addition, one thing that makes the gamers get addicted is the game’s range of pros in visual, audio, presentation, gameplay, offline-online mode choices, and even the weapon arts. 

Like other action games available in video game store Australia, Monster Hunter World looks beneficial for you guys who get limited access to the internet. Don’t worry about this; you’ll have fun playing games even offline.