Hearts of Venice Slot Review: Bonuses, Paylines & Free Spins

Hearts of Venice Slot

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that playing the Hearts of Venice Slot would give you a taste of Venice if you can’t get to the Italian city right now. You might wonder why. We will attempt to communicate as many of the compelling reasons not to here.

Even if you have never visited Venice, you have probably heard others rave about it. To be fair, Venice is one of those places that merit the hype and then some. Since there are no automobiles in this city, your only transportation alternatives are to walk or take a boat. Imagine the canals, gondolas, beautiful old buildings, narrow streets, and the way the light plays on the silhouette of the city at sunrise and sunset.

All of it is gently disintegrating into the lagoon, like a dignified elder statesman approaching his latter years. Without a question, it’s a unique location that ought to be on everyone’s trip wish list. We can all agree that the city is unique, just like in some of the other Hearts of Venice Slot reviews that will undoubtedly appear, but beyond this, our opinions may diverge.

It’s difficult not to feel embarrassed for WMS when the slot first starts up. The flame glowing in a ribbon along the bottom of the screen is probably the first thing you’ll notice. Is it a representation of simmering love or the never-ending passion of an eternal romance?

Or is your gadget attempting to help you out by destroying the game’s display? If you can get past that, you’ll see a cheesy background that makes you wonder if the game was created for gamblers over 18 or for 12-year-old ladies. Although it is intended to be romantic, it makes us feel more like wetting ourselves on a first date.

Players choose a wager between 40 cents and £/€500 per spin to get the game started, which may be expensive for low-rollers yet attractive to high-rollers. We can immediately urge you to spend your money on another game if you have that much money to waste on a title like this.

In either case, press “play” to start the 5×4, 50 payline layouts. As you’ll hear, the game plays the well-known little jingle as the reels turn; this is a feature typical to WMS games that display its physical slot history.

Hearts of Venice Slot offers a 96.12% RTP along with medium-high volatility. However, that is with the Hot Hot Respin engaged. They omitted the overall RTP for some reason, which can only imply that it’s unfavorable. 

Wait till we discuss symbol worth and reward possibilities. A hat, poles, a golden seahorse, and a flower are found at the bottom. Also, read more here for info on the best Pragmatic slots of the day

Gondola, bridge, light, and statue are mid-level symbols. At the top are a gondola pilot and a beautiful woman who, get ready, pays out five times the bet for five of a type. That is simply terrible without any kind of tumble/cascade function to string winners together. So, will the extras be able to salvage this slot with little potential?

Hearts of Venice Slot: Features

The wild and the heart feature are the two most frequent extras during the main game. The wild symbol for the game appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 and can take the place of any pay sign. When the reels stop spinning, the Heart Feature symbol, which can appear anywhere in the game, busts open to reveal any other symbol besides the wild and scatter. WMS is making an effort to join the current mysterious symbol craze.

The awkward moment when our fiery companion rushes onto the reels to light them on fire occurs during the next feature, the Hot Hot Super Respin Mode. He offers assistance in the same manner as Clippy the Paperclip did before Microsoft killed him off.

Now, if reel 1 is stacked with heart feature symbols, two respins are triggered. Reel 1 and any additional wilds and heart symbols are locked in place during respins. The heart symbols disclose the same symbol after the two respins and award any winners.

To start 10 Free Spins, land 3 scatter symbols. Additional wilds and heart feature symbols are added to the reels during this round. Three scatters also extend the number of free spins throughout this round by an additional 10 spins. The bonus guarantee is a fantastic addition to free spins. The game will payout 10x the original wager even if the total win at the end of the round is less than 10x the total bet.

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Hearts of Venice Slot: Verdict

With decades of experience in the business, WMS Gaming is renowned for producing real slot machines. Hearts of Venice Slot has the impression of being a game that was directly converted from the offline to the online environment. This can work at times, but sometimes, not so much.

You might be excused for setting a budget and placing a covert wager if Hearts of Venice Slot was the only slot machine accessible when you visited a physical casino. It might be safe for a few rotations given the commotion and energy of the audience. Maybe.

It is an absolute waste of time and a terrible trainwreck of a slot as an online game. Why bother when there are so many better solutions available in just a few clicks? It’s hard to think of a single excellent reason to play Hearts of Venice Slot. 

If we are being extremely kind, it does have a certain charm, such as the clumsily misplaced Clippy wanting to be a character. But there simply isn’t enough financial reward to excuse the drab atmosphere and leisurely pace. Poor symbol values result in payouts of only 250 times the bet for a complete screen of the top lady.

Why not give a game like Immortal Romance a try if you’re looking for a slot with a romantic theme? Even if vampires aren’t your thing, this slot has big potential rewards as well as pace, drama, and thrill, all of which Hearts of Venice Slot lacks. Also, for more of my articles, please visit gatotkaca22tank.de.tl. I cover everything you need to know about online slot games. Best of luck!