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Beware, gambling makes poor – gambling is something that is very popular at the moment. Indonesian society in particular is one of the countries with the most interest in gambling. Many of the people who play gambling to spend the time they have. Of course this is something that is very detrimental.

Spending time on gambling is of course a waste of time, free time should be used for other activities that are more productive or useful. In addition to spending free time, many people even make gambling as a livelihood.

Many people make gambling to make money. They all think that they will be able to get money and get rich easily, that is only by gambling. Making gambling as a livelihood is wrong, because no one will get rich just through gambling but instead get the bad effects of gambling where gambling makes poor.

In addition to making gambling poor, it also has negative effects, including depression, destroying one’s life. And there are many more bad effects produced by gambling that people themselves are rarely aware of.

Ignorance or lack of knowledge owned by the community is due to a lack of education from the government to the public about the bad effects that gambling will produce. The government should actively educate its people through its representatives so that people know the bad effects of gambling.


There are many types of gambling that are currently circulating. For now, the popular gambling is slot online where people play this game because it is considered easy because people only need to use the internet and smartphones.

This is much easier than offline gambling. Offline gambling as we all know is gambling that is played directly, face to face and does not use the internet network. People know him by the name of land gambling.

If examples of online gambling are online slot gambling, cockfighting sites, online soccer gambling and others, then examples of offline gambling or land gambling are rummy and lottery.

Is it true that gambling makes poor? Of course this is true, because gambling is a game that involves betting in it. Of course, this often causes players to run out of money. Many of them unknowingly use all the money they have to bet in the hope of winning. And that resulted in the loss of all the money they had.

Quitting gambling is very important, it is useful to be able to avoid the negative effects of gambling itself. In addition, it will also be able to make your life much better in the future. If you need to save the money you have or you can invest the money you have that is useful for your long term.

Staying away from gambling is actually not difficult. First you have to have a real intention to get out and quit. It will indeed be difficult when you do not have real intentions.

The second way that you can do is to ask for advice from your closest family, because only by seeking or asking for advice from your family can your efforts to stop easily happen.

Ask them to find a solution to be able to make your time more valuable than just thinking about gambling where you will only get the bad effect where gambling makes poor.

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