Fright Night Game Slot Demo

Fright Night Game Slot Demo Machine: All Reviews 

Courageous? Turn off your lights and play Fright Night game slot demo: a super jackpot of €480,500 is available. From a minimum bet of 1 euro cent, Caleta Gaming invites you into the world of horror where Free Spin, Scatters and bonus mini-games mingle. This immersive slot machine is renowned for its efficiency. With its 40 paylines and a redistribution rate of 95.20%, the opus stands out for its ability to make you win.


The wild symbol (joker) is a must. He is present on the Fright Night game slot demo in order to win and achieve the victorious combinations. Represented by a pumpkin, this icon therefore replaces any other symbol in the game, with the exception of the Bonus symbol. Then try to collect 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols on the interface. You will win 8, 15 and 30 Free Spins respectively. Free spins are represented by the spider symbol.

Access the bonus game by aligning 3 cauldrons: Dracula welcomes you to his lair to concoct potions. Select the potions to fill a cauldron: 3 potions fill a cauldron, and each cauldron corresponds to a gain. Align 5 similar symbols using the Wild to win the bet!

To Play Is To Win Fright Night Slot

On the Fright Night game slot demo on Aw8indo site, you can bet between 1 cent and €2000. Refer to the control panel at the bottom of the screen to configure the game as you wish, activate Auto-play mode or modulate your paylines. This opus brings together all the basics present in the slot machines of the Caleta Gaming universe: it is still limited, few combinations are possible but the redistribution rate and the volatility make Fright Night game slot demo a decent game. Dracula, Frankestein and all the symbols offer you a most sympathetic fictional universe.


The joker, or wild sign, is essential. To win and acquire the winning combos, he is present in the Fright Night slot machine demo. This emblem, which is represented by a pumpkin, thus swaps out all other symbols in the game other than the Bonus symbol. Next, attempt to gather 3, 4, or 5 Free Spins icons on the interface. 

You will receive a total of 8, 15, and 30 Free Spins. The spider icon stands for unrestricted spins. Align three cauldrons to enter the bonus game: You are invited to Dracula’s lair to create potions. Choose the potions to add to the cauldron: Each cauldron represents a gain and contains 3 potions.

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