1 Left Alive Slot Review: All Features, Bonuses & Paylines

1 Left Alive Slot Review. 4 ThePlayer’s second slot is virtually as similar to their debut 9k Yeti as it is different. The title comes first, and they have once more utilized this to their advantage to jump to the top of any alphabetized list of vacancies. Although this game is all about zombies and surviving the apocalypse to be the last person standing, the title makes sense and fits the slot’s concept beautifully. 

In this instance, our primary character is a fierce woman with a determined appearance and a few powerful weapons. Will she withstand the attack? Do you intend for her too?

The zombie fad is a persistent one, much like zombies themselves. With films like World Z and 28 Days, not to mention the huge TV smash The Walking Dead, it has been huge over the past few years. Disney even joined in with a musical film about teenage zombies in a high school.

We are unable to look away from this repulsive kind of art for some reason. Is it related to our longing for a life after death or the past coming back to haunt us? No, it’s probably just the joy of seeing hordes of villains vanquished as they advance relentlessly on the hero. Whatever it is, it makes for an excellent slot machine theme.

Players can make bets ranging from 10 c/p to £/€100 to begin the assault with 1 Left Alive. This is a reasonable range that ought to satisfy most people. Since 4ThePlayers dropped a reel after 9k Yeti, zombies now have five reels on which to wreak havoc. Players gain 1,024 single win ways when the reels and 4 rows are combined, but they also get a WAYS+PLUS mechanism.

This unique strategy can highly increase your winning chances. All of this results in a generous RTP of 97%, which is exactly what we saw the previous time. There aren’t many issues with 1 Left Alive. Its medium-high volatility and respectable payout possibilities are enjoyable.

1 Left Alive Slot appears above-average to average in terms of graphics. With a usual frightening background and vibrant, vivid symbols filled with zombies, it doesn’t look all that special. The lowest portion of the paytable features standard 9-A card royals embellished with various accessories like bullets, shotgun rounds, scissors, and so forth.

While the lady survivor acts as the wild and can even appear in expanded form to fill up an entire reel, the zombie-encrusted symbols offer better rewards. The addition of the portrait option, which we saw with the 9K Yeti, helps cosmetically. 

This maximizes screen space on mobile devices by stacking reels on top of one another and spinning them from right to left. Read more here for another similar slot that will challenge you as well!

1 Left Alive Slot: Features

Survivalists receive a wide variety of tools to bring the game to life—or is it the undead? The 4ThePlayers team’s Ways+Pays system is the most distinctive component. It’s a little difficult to explain in words, but in essence, individual symbols on reels can pay out on their own. Say three aces and two expanded survival symbols drop on the board.

Two 1×1 segments from the wilds are used to pay out 15 coins. There is a significant rise in wins. This is thanks to the remaining 1×1 segments of the extended wilds, which pay out 15 coins each as well.

The scatter is the zombie hand that appears to be reaching out to get you; three or more anywhere on the reels initiate the free spins. Players select one of four biohazard icons before the function starts to display a zombie symbol that the survivor will assault. During the feature, if the zombie symbol lands, it turns into a Blood Wild.

Blood Wilds are 1×1 tiles that adhere to the reels and advance each time you spin them by one place. The bonus feature, which has a chance to award up to 500 free spins, can also be retriggered. Epic, but not a match for the 880 that the 9K Yeti makes possible.

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1 Left Alive Slot: Verdict

Has 1 Left Alive by 4ThePlayers lived up to its name? Generally speaking, they have. Despite not being innovative and the developers’ tendency to play it safe. But, the 1 Left Alive Slot is a good second offering from a brand-new software provider. The fundamentals are taken care of and serve as a strong basis for the additional features. Although the Ways+Pays function is difficult to explain, it is worth witnessing in action to fully grasp it.

In order to reach as many players as possible, 4ThePlayer establish a portfolio of games with a variety of volatility levels. 9k Yeti offers extremely high volatility and enormous potential.

1 Left Alive Slot is arguably the superior choice. Especially if you’re ready to give up the rush of pursuing the enormous potential for some more equally distributed wins and more playtime. Despite this, the potential is still quite high at a respectable 5,200 times your initial investment.

The majority of 1 Left Alive Slot may be mediocre. Also, there aren’t really any surprises. However, 4ThePlayer seems to have paid attention to community feedback and a clear knowledge of what players desire. The game is not as mathematically or graphically great. This is quite different from what people expect.

In a way, the fact that 1 Left Alive Slot is neither a breakthrough game nor a failure, should be a milestone for success to any new creator. Also, you don’t want to miss my other articles at garudaweb.bravesites.com. I cover everything you need to know about online slot games. Come and visit it for good luck!