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Gold Rush Slot Review: RTP 96.50% (Pragmatic Play)

Are you curious about the Gold Rush slot review? It’s unexpected that Pragmatic Play would choose to release this game, a slot machine with a gold mining theme that has actually been used very frequently over the years.

Summary of Gold Rush Slot Review

There are 25 active lines on each of the 5 reels in Gold Rush. You can earn up to $2,500 with your winning combos, and the game’s features include a wild, a scatter, and free spins with an advance-in-time function.

1. Betting and Prizes

There will always be 25 open betting lines when playing Gold Rush. The only options available to you will be to change the quantity and value of the coins. By using up to 10 $0.50 coins each line, you may wager $5 per line and use all $125 of the available lines. The betting range’s starting price is $0.25.

A winning combination of five symbols might earn you a maximum prize of $2,500. With an average RTP of 96.50%, this slot really has a greater long-term choice than many other slots, including some of the more recent ones.

2. Game Features

Since Dynamite Sticks are the slot’s wild symbols, it’s great to see entire stacks of them on the reels. You will win more often if they occur and act as a stand-in for all other symbols, and occasionally they will even deliver you numerous combos. 

These wild symbols are nonetheless quite helpful even if they don’t pay you directly and can’t take the place of scatters or Golden Nuggets.

The Gold Mine

One of the symbols, the one designated as a Scatter, features The Gold Mine. This one is in positions beginning with the middle 3 reels. 

This symbol must appear on all three reels in order for you to receive the expected requirement of 10 free spins. Each scatter that occurs during the free spins adds two additional rounds to the total.

This free spins round includes a unique progressive element, which allows you to continue through it and eventually reach a higher level where the chances of winning are increased. There are a total of four levels used within, and to go there, you must earn points. 

Golden Nugget

When Golden Nugget symbols appear on the reels in the free spins, you can collect these. You receive one point for every golden nugget. You are at level 1 and have access to 7 extra jackpot symbols if you have 0 to 4 points.

Level 2, where 16 more jackpot symbols are used, is accessible with 5 to 9 points. For level 3, which adds 21 extra jackpot trigger symbols, you need between 10 and 14 points. 

Finally, after earning 15 or more points, you advance to level 4, where there are an additional 29 jackpot symbols. The jackpot symbols, which include a picture of a gold miner, are the only ones that can award the $2,500 top prize.

3. Theme and Design

This isn’t what we’d call an especially engaging theme, and we’ve seen it done previously in other slot machines with nicer graphics. 

It is based on the gold mining industry, and the symbols depict the gold mine itself, dynamite sticks, a gold miner, donkeys, a cart, lamps, and equipment. They even have room to add five Royal cards to the lineup of symbols.

Final Thoughts

Overall of the Gold Rush slot review, although this game’s aesthetics haven’t managed to wow me, we did appreciate viewing its features and the high average RTP, so it does have some positives. Find more at slot95 situs judi slot online terbaik.

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