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What is Casino Spam Emails? 4 Tips to Avoid it

Some people may be wondering what is casino spam emails and how to stop it. Well, when you open your email, the spam from online casinos is suddenly suffocating you in between the fun and useful messages.

Irritating! So, what will you do about it? Then you have to understand this Pkv Judi qq explanation to avoid that spam.

What is Casino Spam Emails?

Spam has existed for as long as email has existed, so completely eliminating casino spam is difficult.

There are a few tricks you can use to stay away from junk mail as much as possible. Also, make sure it doesn’t get any worse if you’re already getting spam emails.

Spam is almost never sent by reputable online casinos. They have a reputation to uphold, and sending unsolicited advertising can result in them losing their license.

It may appear that you are still receiving spam from a well-known online casino, but this is almost always the result of a third party sending promotional emails without the casino’s permission.

Tips to Avoid Spam Emails from Casino 

Now, you are going to read some lists of four tips to avoid being flooded with junk mail.

1. Two Emails

The most simple strategy is to use two different email addresses. One is your “real” address, which you use for official correspondence and communicating with friends and family via email.

When you register for something on the internet, such as a forum, a contest, or an online casino, you use the other address.

If everything goes well, you will only receive junk mail at the second address. If the spam at your second address gets out of hand, you get a new second address.

2. Multiple Emails

If you play at several online casinos, you might want to consider using a different email address for each one. For example, for Casino A, use [email protected] and for Casino B, use [email protected]

You’ll know who sold your address if you start receiving spam emails at one of your addresses.

In any case, trustable casinos will not sell your email address to third parties.

3. GMail Trick

Gmail has a handy feature that lets you create as many email addresses as you want, with all of your mail going into one inbox.

After your username, add + and a word of your choice. viranda +B, for example. All messages sent to this address will be delivered to your regular inbox. Useful!

You can also have all mail sent to the different addresses with a + filtered and placed in a separate folder.

4. Do Not Post Email to Public

Another important piece of advice for avoiding casino spam is to never reveal your email address in a public forum.

Not in guest books, condolence registers, or anywhere else, for that matter.

If you do, you can almost guarantee that robots scouring the internet for addresses will find your address. Say goodbye to your neatly organized inbox.

In conclusion, as you already know about what is casino spam emails, it is really irritating everytime you open an email. Moreover, you can follow those four tips to avoid and make it stop.

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