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What is Baccarat Game Rules

Baccarat is a well-known card game that is especially popular among Asian players. The game is based on fairly simple principles, making the rules quick to learn for novice players. This makes the game accessible to a wide audience. It will therefore come as no surprise that Baccarat is also very popular online. Almost every casino has a general baccarat game rules.

The Cards Worth

A side wins the game by getting 9 points with their cards or by getting as close as possible to this. To calculate the points correctly, you first need to know how many points each card is worth. Fortunately, this is not complicated with general baccarat game rules:

  • The Ace is only worth 1 point, like many other card games.
  • The King, Queen, Jack and the number 10 card are worth 0 points. You do not add this to your point total.
  • The card numbers 2 through 9 are worth the same number of points as their number.

How to Add Up the Score

Baccarat game rules can use to determine your score, you must add up the total points of your cards. Do you get a score above 9. Then only the rightmost number of your points counts total. This may sound a bit strange, but we can illustrate this with a few examples. Suppose you get an 8 and a 9. This is a total of 17 points. Your score is then 7.

Suppose you get a jack and and 5. The jack is 0 points, so the score is 5. In some Baccarat versions, the jack counts as 10 points. In that case you have 15 points, but even then only the right number is looked at and your score remains 5. This does not matter, because you can never exceed 9 for your score.

Suppose you get an Ace and a 5, in that case you have 6 points. Then you don’t have a double number. Your score here is just 6.

The Gameplay 

Baccarat has a number of fixed rules that determine when to draw a card and when not to. Before the game starts, the player places his bet on the side he thinks will win the next game: the player , the Bank  or tie.

The dealer then opens the game by dealing the cards. All players and the dealer himself receive 2 cards face up on the table. The number of points for the player and the Bank is then spoken aloud by the dealer. How the game progress depends on the points the player and Bank have in their hand with these first two cards.

Baccarat Rules Game : The Third Card

The principle behind the third card is simple: if the player’s or the Bank’s hand is not high enough, they are dealt a third card to increase their points. A number of rules apply to receiving a third card.

At 8 or 9 points for the player or the Bank, both player and Bank must pass. This means that whoever has 8 or 9 points has automatically won. This is similar to Blackjack. The game is then over and a new game round is started.

In all other cases, either the player or the Bank will receive a third card. It is quite easy for the player. If the player with the first two cards only has 0 to 5 points, then the player always gets a third card. At 6 or 7 points, the player passes. He then no longer gets an extra card.

Whether the Bank gets another third card depends on how many points his hand is worth, whether the player has been dealt another card, and if so, what the value of that card is.


Basically in baccarat game rules, when the player got a 7 and a king for his first two cards so get score 7. The Bank got a 3 and a 2, get score 5. The player then passes, because he already has 7 points. Due to its low score, the Bank must draw 1 card. The Bank then got a 3 and won with a score of 8 points.

Baccarat Game Rules Payout of Winnings

The payouts in Baccarat are also quite clear and work about the same as with Roulette. The difference with Roulette is that there are far fewer different betting options and therefore fewer different payout ratios.

In Baccarat you get 1 euro profit for every euro you have bet on the player or on the bank. If you bet 1 euro, you get 2 euros back. Please note that the casino deducts a 5% commission on your winnings if you have successfully bet on Bank. So something will be deducted from your winnings in that case, so that the payout ratio is just under 1:1.

However, the payout ratio for a tie is much higher as it is much less likely to happen. For a successful bet on a tie of 1 euro you get no less than 8 euros back.

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