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Long History of Popular Gambling Card Game, DominoQQ

Long History of Popular Gambling Card Game, DominoQQ. DominoQQ is one of card games that have been played in Indonesia since long time ago. Even though, this card game is popular, but just few people who know that there is long history behind this card game.

Related to history of domino QQ, through this article, we will share information about history of this popular traditional card game to you. Interesting to know? If you are, here is full explanation that you can read.

History of DominoQQ

There are so many history version of domino QQ, but most of them are telling the first version of domino QQ came from China. It is said that domino had been played since Dinasty era of Yuan. In the past, old people in china used special tile called pupai to play domino.

This classic domino game led China to find more variants of domino game like Pai gow, Tien Gow and etc.

Long History of Popular Gambling Card Game, DominoQQ |  iKiteboarding

In the beginning of 18Th century, domino started to be known in Europe. Some source says that this game had been brought by soldiers of England. 

At that time, domino were usually played in café, bar and casino. Starting from this point, many variants of European domino started to appear like à la Pêche , All Fives, Five Up , Muggins and many else. 

There is clear difference between Chinese Domino with European Domino. Based on information from wikipedia, it is said that chinese domino is played using 32 tiles. But in Europe, domino is played using 28 tiles.

Is That True Domino QQ is Variant of European Domino?

There are some sources that mention that domino QQ is one of European Domino Variants. For this question, actually we have not found any valid information that can answer it. But if we have to look at similarity between European domino and domino QQ, we have to admit that they are almost the same.

One of similarities between both of them can be seen on how many card played. Both of them are played using 28 domino cards. Some of European domino game also use ranking system like domino QQ.

Domino QQ in Modern Era

Today, dominoQQ is not only card game that you just can play on the spot. Today technology makes this card game is already available in mobile and browser game version. So this card game can be played online through your gadget or laptop.

If you check on your browse, there is a lot of gambling provider like IDNPlay, Pragmatic Play, Playtech and etc that offer many gambling games that you can play. You just need to find legit site where you will play.

Not only available in browser game version, Domino QQ is also available in mobile game version. If you are android user, you can find a lot of game of Domino QQ on Google Playstore. You can download one of them and play it for free.

That is all explanation from us about history dominoqq that we can share to you. We hope this article will be useful and entertain you. Do not miss other good articles that we will share every day. Thank you for reading. / Dy

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