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King of Gambling Joseph Jagger: the “Mechanic” of Gambling

Familiar with the name of the king of gambling Joseph Jagger? His name soared after he repeatedly beat many dealers at a number of casinos near his homeJoseph Jagger? As a gambling enthusiast, especially roulette gambling, he is certainly very familiar with this man who is usually called Jagger.

The king of gambling Joseph Jaggers name soared after he repeatedly beat many dealers at a number of casinos near his home. He was later nicknamed the king of gambling. Want to know what the story of this successful gambling king is like? Let us see.

The Beginning of the Success Story of the King of Gambling Joseph Jagger

King of Gambling Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is a skilled mechanic whose day-to-day job is assembling machines and electronic equipment. He was then interested in the working mechanism of a roulette machine.

He was intrigued by the way the roulette machine dealer always wins during the game. Unexpectedly, this curiosity is the starting point for the story of the gambling enthusiasts like king Jagger.

Armed with this curiosity, Jagger then looked for loopholes on how to prevent the dealer from winning just once. Now, to find this gap, Jagger must learn all the components of the complete machine with how they work. He then asked one of his best friends to buy him a roulette machine. Jagger was so obsessed with beating the dealer that he did just that.

Armed with his knowledge of mechanics, he firmly believed that all roulette machines could not possibly randomize. Machine imperfections can of course create opportunities to generate a series of numbers that are not random.

Jagger’s Attempt to Learn About Dealer Habits

The story of king of gambling Joseph Jagger also did not escape Jagger’s efforts to learn dealer habits and tricks commonly used by roulette machine dealers in casinos.

The roulette machine in his house he then disassembled, observed, and analyzed. It took Jagger days to learn the roulette machine. In the end, he found a gap and immediately made mathematical calculations to be applied when he was experimenting later.

The story of the king of successful gambling is even more exciting after Jagger challenges the dealer at a casino near his home. Wonderful! Jagger won easily against the dealer. Of course he won thanks to the powerful “move” he had just created. Thanks to this victory, Jagger quickly brought a cash prize of US $ 500,000.

Achievements of the King of Gambling Joseph Jagger

The story of the king of gambling Joseph Jagger has skyrocketed after he managed to win the roulette game in just 3 days. The total money he earned was 60,000 dollars plus 3,000,000 US dollars. With this extraordinary achievement, Joseph Jagger really deserves the nickname Jagger the king of gambling.

This success story is legendary. Many gambling enthusiasts, especially roulette, are deeply inspired by the story of the successful gambling king Jagger. His name continued to skyrocket, especially when he succeeded in “breaking into” the bank owned by the Monte Carlo casino.

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King of gambling Joseph Jagger himself is an English national. He was born in 1830 in Yorkshire. Since childhood, he was very fond of mechanics. He then chose mechanics while in school.

Joseph Jagger’s Secret Trick to Beat the Dealer

You roulette fans must be curious about what tricks are written in the story of the successful gambling king Jagger. Maybe you could say it’s not a trick, huh, but a theory by the king of gambling Joseph Jagger. In testing this theory, Jagger asked 6 people to watch a roulette game at a casino. Each person supervises one roulette machine.

Each of them was also asked to record the results of the rotation of the roulette machine in front of him. From this, Jagger found that each roulette machine created a series of number combinations consisting of 9 numbers: 7,8,9,17,18, 22,28, and 29. From this set of numbers, Jagger found the frequency (in Mathematics, frequency is the number that occurs most often).

From this frequency, Jagger can then determine certain numbers that often appear on each roulette machine. He then practiced this hypothesis directly in a casino near his residence.

The results were truly extraordinary. The numbers are the same. More than 3 days, Jagger managed to win money totaling 6,000,000 US dollars. The story of the successful gambling king was certainly a byword at that time.

Just a day after the casino lost due to Jagger’s actions, the roulette machines in the casino were replaced with new machines. Jagger eventually lost because he did not know that the roulette machine being played had undergone a change.

Jagger then looked for the same type of roulette machine as the previous roulette machines. After finding him at another casino, Jagger begins his adventure as a gambling “mechanic”.

The king of gambling Joseph Jagger later retired from gambling activities. He uses the money from his winnings as property investment. He then died at the age of 72 years to be precise in 1892. He was buried at Bethel Church on the Shelf.

Wow, the story of the king of gambling Joseph Jagger is really interesting. His hard work and knowledge of mechanics certainly inspire us all.

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