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How to Register an Online Gambling Site Through a Friend’s Referral Link

How to register an online gambling site through a friend’s referral link. Having a friend who first landed on an online gambling site and you simply felt how exciting it is to play in the betting area is a fortune.

Plus, if your friend already knows you, you can ask for help with registration right away and teach you how to access it.

Online gambling areas shouldn’t be visited by anyone. Must meet the age limit of 18 years and over. First of all, when you enter a good and official gambling ground, as a new bettor, you must follow the rules in force. Having a weather buddy is very reliable, especially when you sign up as a member.

It’s called referrals. He will help you become a member and, as a senior member, that person will earn points for successfully inviting friends to join the gambling site. How do I register? This information will guide the details.

The Purpose of Existing Online Gambling Site Referral Links

How to Register an Online Gambling Site Through a Friend's Referral Link

Before we explain the best way to register with a friend’s referral channel, let’s explain the purpose of a referral link for a player on an official online gambling site.

We give you a brief overview of the system. Recommendation is synonymous with a business triangle, namely MLM. If the player manages to invite people to participate using a form on their own behalf, there will be a reward.

However, the reward is not received directly from the player either. You will earn points when the person you invite makes transactions, places bets and wins the game. The purpose of its existence is then:

  • Improve the quality of the bookmakers yourself.
  • Get members excited about inviting people to keep traffic growing every day.
  • With the referral link, the agent’s rating also gets better and takes first place in Google searches.
  • For the members themselves, the collected points can be exchanged for chips in order to receive additional capital from there.

Steps to Create a Gambling Account Using a Refer a Friend Link

It is so, referrals are wheels that can make online agents or bookmakers keep spinning and making profits until the quality improvement continues to improve every day.

If you already know the importance of the path, we’ll show you how to join a friend’s referral link. We are going to divide it into 2 as registration is not difficult.

Now everything is easy, so it cannot be said that it is complicated just because of the language of instruction, with Indonesian. Here are the steps:

Fill out the form

As we have shared, the system is the same as in MLM. If you want your friends to receive points, register by name. So this is the most appropriate step:

  • So you go straight to the landing page and click the registration menu right away
  • Don’t fill in the wrong information, you will get into trouble.
  • And in the recommendation column, enter your friend’s username. Ask first.
  • If so, just send it immediately.


The purpose of verification is that the account is secure and not hacked by bots, even if you have to enter a captcha code when registering. The verification is very simple.

All you need to do is send the administrator a message through WA or Livechat with the format of the account username and verification information. The link is sent instantly and the account is secure.

You could say you are helping your friend earn points. You can also do this later by inviting other people. Use the referral bonus from this judi online site as extra capital later when money is limited. / Dy

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