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Crazy Story About Togel Addicts, From Shamans to Snoring Frogs

There is a crazy story about togel addicts. This story is a true story of a resident who lives in Blora, Central Java. Just mention his name Pak Warto (pseudonym). Pak Warto is a lottery addict. Almost every day he works to install lottery numbers. His wife and children were often irritated by Pak Warto’s behavior.

It is true that most lottery gambling servants like to act strange and unreasonable so that the lottery numbers they install penetrate and win. Like this Pak Warto. His family and neighbors often called Pak Warto mentally ill.

On a daily basis, Pak Warto is often anxious and likes to fantasize that he has won the lottery. Even though his wife often reminds him that playing the lottery is like waiting for something uncertain. Even when Pak Warto’s parents were sick, Pak Warto was still busy with the lottery. Until his wife reprimanded him and finally Pak Warto realized.

Now Pak Warto is reluctant to play the lottery again. But he did not mind telling the crazy story of lottery addicts he had experienced. Intrigued by Pak Warto’s story? Let’s see together.

The Crazy Story About Togel Addicts

The Crazy Story About Togel Addicts
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Pak Warto was a Hong Kong or HK lottery addict. Almost every day, his activities are tinkering with numbers that are predicted to come out. He also said that he often predicted lottery numbers or in the local language of the Blora people.

In this story of gambling enthusiasts, Mr. Warto once got 2 numbers or called tails and 3 numbers or often referred to as TT in the term lottery gambling. Of course he was absurdly happy because he managed to get the money as a result of his winnings of Rp. 820,000. He also admitted that after winning the lottery at that time, he became increasingly obsessed with the lottery.

The next day after winning, Pak Warto again placed a bet of Rp. 200,000. From this bet, Pak Warto made a profit of Rp. 120,000 because the 2 numbers he put are translucent. From this second victory, Pak Warto is increasingly fond of lottery. Even then he had planned to place a bigger bet. But he was reluctant to do so.

The crazy story of a lottery addict experienced by Pak Warto also contains Pak Warto’s honesty who was lazy to work at that time. He left his former job as a construction worker because he prefers to play lottery.

Whenever there is a call to work from the foreman, he often refuses because he feels that the lottery can give him more profit / money compared to working as a construction worker. He then compared that the income he gets from working as a coolie is not comparable to the fatigue he feels after a long day of work.

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The conditions were different when Pak Warto played the lottery. He only needs to place a bet, place a lottery number prediction, then get money many times over just by guessing or placing the right lottery number. No need to be tired of working, he can already earn a lot of money, he said.

The Turning Point of a Togel Addict

Recently he realized that it turned out that the capital he had put in to play the lottery was much greater than the profits he got. Pak Warto in an interview with a news reporter belonging to a private TV station said that he had won only 3 times. The total money he received was no more than 2 million rupiah. This nominal money was far from the nominal money he spent as gambling capital.

Well, from here he now realizes that so far Pak Warto has only been a victim of the lure of lottery gambling. Thanks to the advice given by his mother, now Pak Warto no longer wants to play gambling. his addiction to the lottery he slowly brushed it off. Grateful that Pak Warto’s efforts were successful.

Crazy Experiences for Togel Addicts

Back to the crazy story of lottery addicts with Pak Warto as the source. He admitted that he had acted crazy just because he wanted to win the lottery. He was willing to scrape frogs skin using coins. He hopes that by scraping the skin of the frog with coins, a combination of numbers will appear on the surface of the frog’s skin.

Chuckling, Pak Warto continued his crazy experience. In order to get a frog who is considered as a provider of sustenance, he is willing to get dirty in the middle of the rice fields. Pak Warto’s hands also itched as a result of being crushed by the frogs he had caught.

He had also previously consulted a shaman. Instead of getting money from winning the lottery, the money is actually sold out to pay the shaman. He now realizes that whatever he has done for the sake of the lottery is a crazy idea. He then admitted that he was stupid because he had practiced it.


That is the crazy story about togel addicts that Pak Warto experienced. Do any of you have neighbors, distant relatives, or friends who have crazy stories about lottery addicts?

Actually there are so many tragic stories of lottery addicts. But not published. Especially at this time, lottery gambling has penetrated the internet. There are so many online lottery bookies offering false winning hopes.

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