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A Tragic Story Due to Gambling: a Student Who Live in Debt Circumstances

A Tragic Story Due to Gambling: a Student Who Live in Debt Circumstances – The world of gambling has no end to discuss. There are many stories that you can use as life lessons. Like one tragic story because of this game. This story is the true story of a student at a PTN in the City of Jember. Call it Dani – a pseudonym.

Dani is a first year student at PTN in Jember. He is the child of parents who are financially capable. While traveling in Jember, Dani lived well and never lacked. Monthly submissions are smooth, tuition fees are routinely sent per semester, and he is even facilitated by motorbikes for the smooth running of his lectures.

The Tragic Story About Dani

A Tragic Story Due to Gambling for PTN Students Who Live in Debt Circumstances

A tragic story due to gambling he experienced when he started playing online gambling. He became interested in online games after receiving an invitation from one of his best friends. Being a beginner, he wagered on deposits, not real money.

Before long, Dani became proficient and was willing to make bets using real money. Several times he won the game and the profit he got was not small. Dani also likes online gambling more and more. He can spend most of his time (hours) just playing his favorite online gambling game.

With a PC in his boarding house or a smartphone in his hand, he is really busy playing online gambling on the available sites. He had lost before, but he was not deterred from starting again. Signs of the tragic story of gambling that he was experiencing have actually begun to appear, especially when he suffered several defeats.

Defeat after defeat he got. Even Dani no longer has the capital to gamble, he doesn’t give up trying to play and play. The tragic story of gambling enthusiasts began to emerge when Dani dared to use his tuition money to make gambling capital.

Dani is no longer with good luck. His tuition fee was sold out without success. Dani no longer gets the victory he hoped for. The monthly money is also used up because it is used to play online gambling. Now Dani can only go into debt to fulfill his gambling addiction. He made debts here and there, and the gambling capital from this debt money did not bring good luck to Dani.

Dani’s Parents Business Worsens Down

The tragic story of the experienced by Dani continues, in fact, you could say that Dani’s fate is getting worse. How could he not, at the same time, the business owned by Dani’s parents went bankrupt. Now Dani’s parents are unable to send Dani the monthly money.

Dani was forced to sell his motorbike to pay off debts and the rest to meet his daily needs. The debt burden he bears is not small. There are still millions of other debts that must be paid by Dani.

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As a result of his hobby of gambling, Dani’s studies were also destroyed. Dani’s Grade Point Average (GPA) fell to 1.75 from 3.4. Dani also did not have the courage to reveal his condition to his parents because he did not want to add to the burden on their parents’ lives.

The tragic story of gambling has spread to Dani’s studies. Because there was no cost to continue studying, Dani was forced to take time off for the third semester. He is now looking for a way to meet his daily needs and boarding costs. He is also busy looking for side jobs for his future.

Life Lesson A Tragic Story Because Gambling Belongs to Dani

Now, from the tragic story of the experienced by Dani, this can be a lesson for us all not to easily fall into the world of gambling. Being fond of gambling games is not wrong, but we shouldn’t need to make our hobby an obsession for profit. Moreover, we all know that our hobby can actually have a negative impact on our future.

The tragic story because gambling is not only experienced by Dani. There are many people, especially those who are enthusiasts, who have had bitter experiences in their lives just for playing gambling. Dani’s story is living proof that gambling has a negative impact on the lives of players and those around them.

We all know that gambling has a broad impact and that almost every aspect of life can be affected. Call it the impact of on social, financial, economic, personal life, and even the psychological aspects of the players.

How, do you still want to play gambling? Well, the part of you who have had the same experience as Dani or some of your friends who have a tragic story because of gambling, may share stories in the comments section.

That is the short story that Dani has experienced. Hopefully this story can teach us all a lesson.

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