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777 Slot Demo Review: RTP 97% (RTG)

Are you ready to play the 777 slot demo? This is a new classic-themed offering from Real Time Gaming, sticks to a tried-and-true formula while adding modern graphics and a progressive payout. 

Obviously, the fact that the RTP looks nice doesn’t hurt either. Continue reading to see if this is a slot to play if you’re looking for a classic.

A Review of 777 Slot Demo

You’ll be spinning three reels and using one active line to produce winning combos. The best wins you can achieve here will only repay 100x your bet, so getting rich from this slot will be difficult. 

On the good side, the game can award a progressive jackpot, and the value is significantly higher than what typical combos can provide. 

There aren’t any noteworthy features here, with the exception of the Hold option, which isn’t normally available in classic slots.

1. Wagering Options

We’ll have the ability to set up the wager for the round, and because there’s just one line, it’ll be easy to figure out how everything works. The entire stake, which you can choose from $0.10 to $200, will be applied to a single payline.

The best combination (three 7s) pays 100x, but the returns are merely mediocre. With the wager at its maximum value, you’ll get $20,000 back. The progressive jackpot for the game can be seen at the top of the reels, and it’s usually worth more, but it’s still in the five-figure area.

We loved 777 because it has a high RTP of 97%, which is excellent for a slot machine. This kind of return is rare in games with three reels and classic themes, and it’s extremely rare in games with three reels and classic themes. Obviously, this involves the progressive jackpot, thus the game’s RTP is likely to be lower.

2. Slot Features

There will be no regular features inside, as with many classic slot machines, such as free spins, wilds, or multipliers, to name a few options.

The Hold option is available in this game. It’s a button on the bottom of all three reels. You begin by spinning the reels, which will reveal a set of symbols. You can then select to Hold (lock) one or two of the reels if you didn’t get a winning combo. 

Only the unlocked ones will spin again, potentially providing you the symbols you need to complete a combination. There’s a strategic element here, which we like seeing because it’s uncommon in slots of any kind.

The Hold option has a cost attached with it that varies depending on the round’s possible results. If you’re looking for high-value symbols, the Hold option’s cost may be more than if you’re looking for a smaller win.

When the Card & Coins symbol appears just once or twice, it has a low value, but 3 on a line will activate the slot’s progressive jackpot.

3. Theme and Design

The 777 is a classic; there’s no mistaking its concept for anything else, and you can figure it out just by looking at the headline. 

The 7 symbol pays the highest payout, followed by the 3Bar, 2Bar, 1Bar, and Cards & Coins symbols in that order. Combinations can also be made with mixed Bar symbols or 1-2 low-value Cards.

Final Words

This game is a good classic to play, especially with the RTP of 97%. We also liked the visuals, which is odd for me to say about a three-reel game. Now, you can play the 777 slot demo. Do your best in Agen Slot Pragmatic.

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